House Rules

Below you can find more information about our house rules. Follow these rules and decision of staff is final.

What are our house rules

by NcAdam

  • Above all else: have fun! Cut loose, let out your inner exhibitionist / voyeur! Whatever you want to be for the afternoon, this is the place to let out your wild side!
  • The use of a mobile phone is not allowed, leave it at the coat check
  • Dress code is in effect at all times. If you change out of dress code, you will be asked to leave
  • Footwear is mandatory, no sandals or flip-flops
  • Do not continue unwanted conversations if the other party appears uncomfortable with it. No means no!
  • Uninvited inappropriate physical contact of any kind will not be tolerated
  • The management do not accept liability for articles damaged or lost in the cloakroom or changing area
  • Never bring things of value to the club, it’s better safe then sorry
  • Dealing- and/or using drugs is forbidden at all time, individuals caught using will be asked to leave without refund of entrance fee
  • Eagle is smoke-free as all venues in the Netherlands, if you want to smoke please ask the staff for a bathrobe to smoke outside. Individuals caught smoking indoors will be asked to leave without any of entrance fee

Sex is optional, may also look natural.

The party goes on till 19:00 but you may leave earlier.

Have fun!